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What is the cause of the failure of the automobile clutch bearings? How to solve?

Clutch bearing is one of the most important parts in the automobile. If the maintenance is not good and the fault occurs, it will not only cause economic losses, but also be troublesome to assemble and disassemble. It will take a lot of hours. Therefore, it is very important to make clear the cause of the clutch bearing failure. Yuhuan Yue Yue bearing Machinery Co., Ltd. for your analysis of clutch bearing failure reasons:
1. work temperature is too high to cause overheating.
Many drivers in turn or deceleration, often half foot clutch, some gear foot on the clutch pedal free travel vehicle; some adjustment is too large, the clutch is not complete, in the semi joint, semi detached, the state caused by sliding friction between the friction plate and the flywheel, produced a large amount of heat to transfer the separation of bearings, bearing heat to a certain temperature, melting or dilution of lubricating grease flowing, to further improve the separation bearing temperature, when the temperature reaches a certain level will burn out release bearing.
2., the separation lever adjustment is smooth?.
Whether the separation fork is deformed or not, and whether the bearing spring is good or not, has a great influence on the damage of the separation bearing. Separation adjustment is not flat, the separation fork spring back deformation, bearing separation, will cause against the separation bearing in the clutch work, the separation bearing is always in the state, more and more high temperature, easy to burn the separation bearing, reduce the separation bearing life.
3. the free stroke is too small or too many loads.
According to the requirements of the general gap between the clutch bearings and separation lever for 2.5mm is suitable to reflect on the clutch pedal free travel for 30 ~ 40mm, the free travel is too small or no freedom of travel, will make the release lever and release bearing is often engaged. According to the principle of fatigue damage, the longer the bearing work time, the more serious the damage; the more times the load is taken, the more easily the fatigue damage of the separation bearings. Moreover, the longer the working time, the higher the temperature of the bearing, the more likely to burn, and reduce the service life of the separation bearings.
4. wear without grease.
The clutch release bearing is lubricated with grease. In practical work, the repair personnel easily overlook the lubrication problem of the separated bearing, and the grease is not loaded into the separation bearing when installing, which leads to the lack of oil in the clutch release bearing. Without lubrication or less lubrication, the wearing capacity of bearings is often several to several times that of bearings separated by lubrication. The wear is increased and the temperature will be greatly increased, which is more likely to damage the separation bearings. Therefore, in the repair process, the installation of the clutch to check the separation of bearing lubrication, timely filling grease maintenance.


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