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1.Guangzhou Bocaroo Auto Accessories was established in 2012 who is integrating the technology, industry and trade as a whole.Supply auto engine mount,strut mount,bushing,boot,control arm,tie rod end,bearing,brake shoe,brake drum,brake pad,brake cable,brake sensor,crank motor,radiator,condenser,intercooler,fan,window regulator,power window siwth,ignition coil,shock absorber.We have more than 200 customers from 29 countries.Bocaroo auto parts are pretty popular in South America,North America,Africa and middle east Europe.Win the praise and trust of our customer.
2.With the advantages in scale, technology, manufacturing and brand etc, Bocaroo optimized product structure adjustment and upgrading. Bocaroo continues to push forward internationalized marketing strategy, and develop the balanced business relations with high-end customers in various regions, forming the market control with relative advantages.
3.Bocaroo strengthens the domestic marketing efforts, actively promotes and implements brand strategy, and increases the domestic market share. Bocaroo has been deepened the cooperation and technical researches with completed vehicle manufacturers, improved the abilities of understanding the demands and meeting the needs of automotive manufacturers, assisted customers to improve their market competitiveness, and added value for the customers.
4.Our products, services, and the spirits of the entire enterprise are in consistence with the public interest. The corporation will further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the modern enterprise management system with execution power as the core, promote the construction of modern enterprise system, establish an effective decision-making mechanism and internal control mechanism, realize the scientific decision-making and standardization of enterprise decision-making, and create value for society.


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